(Above) Minister Ayesha Lampkins, preaching on the "Process and Power of a Renewed Mind," Romans 12:1-2, The Message Bible.

Devoted to HIM


(Above) Minister Debra Fields, preaching on the subject, "Hidden Treasures."

PART OF THE LEADERSHIP TEAM for WORD LOVERS....Relationship, Passion and Faith Conference 2017

(Above) Ms. Amani Smiley, teaching about the "Compassion and Understanding of God"

Shown below are: Rev. Anthony and Mrs.Earlean Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde and Versella Williams, Mrs. Brenda Fields, Mrs. Ayesha Lampkins, Ms. Stephanie Moore and Misti Long.
Rest of the Team not shown: Not Shown: Amani Smiley, GeraldineTaylor, Patricia Jones, Correllia Long, Adolph Long, Carrie Winslett, Jennifer Clark and Erica Niang.